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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 18, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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that's it for us tonight. also check out our website. and shout out about the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here because we aredefini. >> tonight on hannity my exclusive interview with former alaskan governor sarah palin. this is since the shotting in arizona that took the life of six and wounded others. she's here to respond to the finger pointing that took place in the aftermath of that tragedy and much more. joining me is fox news contributor governor sarah palin. governor, welcome back. >> thanks, john. thank you for the student.
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>> let's go back to the very beginning nine days ago when the shooting occur. where were you and what were you thinking at the time? >> i was in my home here in wasilla, and, of course, my first thought when i heard of the shooting was, and knowing that there were deaths, was how absolutely atrocious this was and how evil a person would have to be to kill an innocent. and then as things unfolded and heard about the death of an innocent child, a nine-year-old child, i thought nothing could be as horrendous as that. that's the main thing we need to remember, even as we proceed in our discussion, shawn, there are families morning and we grief with those and are grieve, and may prayers cover the families and somehow as we read in the book of jeremiah, god touched these families and envelope them in the piece only he can provide. may he turn their morning how --
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somehow into joy. >> i googled your name and put in governor palin, tucson shooting, and it came up nearly 10,000 times in 10,000 instances where you were connected to this. when did you first realize you were being connected to this tragedy? >> well, right away, unfortunately, and not just me. and this isn't about me. and my response, four days after this horrendous event and in my response i talk about defending those who were innocent, had nothing to do with the shooting and my defense wasn't self-defense, it was defending those who were falsely accused. i found out right away because when i started to tuning in to hear, well, who did this, and names were not given, but i read my name in the reports. and then i read rush limbaugh and soon your name and some tea
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party patriots and soon the entire state of arizona was being falsely accused of being somehow accessories to this horrendous, horrendous crime. that's why i was puzzled at first as to why, before facts were even gathered, why the mainstream media would start accusing and using some a tragedy for what appeared to be right off the bat some political gain. >> i didn't particularly like my profession, what i do for a living, being called a merchant of hate by robert f kennedy jr. i didn't like it at all, and i responded. i'm going to get to your choice in responding and all that in just a second. a lot of these initial stories, governor, had to do with this map that your pack had put up during the last campaign and the fact that congresswoman giffords was one of the people on the target list in the crosshairs that were there. what can you tell us about this map?
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and i'll get into more questions after that. >> well, that map wasn't an original graphic. in fact, for many, many years maps in political races have been used to target certain districts that people would feel that they can get into those districts and find someone who they believed would represent the constituents' wilber than incumbents. that's what this map represented. and the graphic we used was crosshairs targeting the different districts. that's not original. democrats have been using it for the year. bob beckel bragged on your show that he's the one who invented these crosshairs or these targets. that came up right away that, oh, it must be a cause of this horrendous evil act of this shooter that perhaps he saw that map and that insighted him toward violence which, of course, is ridiculous. again, it's not an original use of an icon or a graphic.
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>> did you or your pack have this taken off the website immediately after the shooting? because that's been ban tored about. >> i believe that someone in the pack, include the contract graphic artist did take it down. and i don't think that that was inappropriate. if it was going to cause much heartburn and more controversy, i didn't have a problem with it being taken down. but screenshots, of course, have been taken of that. and i don't know if the democrats have taken down theirs in these ensuing days. but again, you know, knowing that had absolutely nothing to do with an apolitical or perhaps left leaning criminal who killed these innocents and injured so many, i didn't have a problem with it being taken down if in fact it has in fact been taken down. >> governor, you mentioned earlier the dlc has used this. bob beckel did say this, and other democrats have said this is a dlc map we are looking at in the screen, abelias map
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targeting districts, and it says right there, targeting strategy. all these war analogies. clinton had a war room. it's common in politics. why do you think you were singled out and the left singled you out in this, governor? >> i know that it isn't about me personally but it is about the message that i am not hesitant at all to spread across this country. and that is that our country is on the wrong track. we have to get put back on the right track and we have to elect those officials who can adopt and enact policy to allow us to be prosperous and healthy and safe again. those on the left hate my message and they will do all they can to stop me because they don't like the message. but we know it's not just me. it's all who seem to embrace the time-tested truth that helped build our country. they do not like to hear that message. and as many of them have promised to do, they will do what they can to destroy the
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message and the messenger. >> during the campaign we had joe mansion, now senator mansion, and he took a rifle and he fired a bullet right through the cap and tax bill. he said in retrospect he probably wouldn't do it again. in light of this criticism, fair or unfair, in light of the events, do you think targeting maps, bulls eyes, et cetera, that they should no longer be used in these campaigns? >> you know, i think it's going to be very tough. and i think even to really start sensorring everyone's speech and everyone's icons that perhaps they have used traditionally for decades in political races and political talk. as i say, i believe that some of that will be futile. we hear now of this desire, this demand for civility in discussion when it comes to
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political debate. certainly i agree with the idea of being civil. by definition civil means being well-mannered. yes we should be respectful, we should be civil but we should not use an event like that in arizona to stifle debate. and that time-honored and cherished tradition we have in america to be able to petition our government and protest peacefully and effectively to effect the change we would like to see in our government. >> what do you say to pundints. we google you and there are 10,000 articles related to the shooting. i have to imagine that bothers you. i guess the question i am asking, some suggested that's the end of sarah palin's political career. sarah palin has become radioactive is a term someone used, for example. does this impact you or your political future in any way,
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governor? or change you? >> well, on this day, celebrating the legacy and the life of martin luther king, jr., we would be well to remember one of his famous quotes. he reminded listners that a lie cannot live. and i believe in every situation it's going to be providence that sheds light on what the truth is. we have to do our part also. so in a situation like we have just faced in these last 8 days of being falsely accused of being accessory to murder, i, and others, need to make sure that we, too, are shedding light on truth so that a lie tonight continue to live. if a lie does live then, of course, your career is over, your reputation is thrashed and you would be ineffective in what you are trying to do. so i will continue to speak out. they are not going to shut me up, they around going to shut you up or rush or tea party
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patriots or those who respectfully and patriotically petition their government for change. they can't make us sit down and shut up. and if they ever were to succeed in doing that, then our republic will be destroyed. not necessarily me being sat down and shut up, but having the voice of respectful dissent being shut up. that would destroy our republic. >> governor, we have a lot more to get to, including what you thought of president obama's speech. also some of the threats of that been levied against you over the years. we will show that you videotape and more as we continue our exclusive interview with gov sarah palin. and also ron saying his brother suffered from alzheimer's while suffered from alzheimer's while in office.
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>> we know violence isn't the
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answer. when we take up our arms we are talking about our vote. we are talking about being involved in a contested primary like this and picking the right candidate, too, john mccain, we thank you for that. but this b. s. coming from the mainstream media lately about this, about inciting violence. don't let -- don't let the conversation be diverted. don't let a distraction like that debt you offtrack. keep fighting hard for these candidates who are all about the common sense conservative solution that is we need. >> that was governor sarah palin in march of 201 speaking at a mccain rally in tucson, arizona." we are joined by governor palin from alaska tonight. you said when the war terms are used this is not a call for violence. all that was ignored by the media. does that frustrate you more? >> well, i have repeated over and over my condemnation of
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violence, and specifically trying to explain that when we talk about being up in arms, we are talking about getting to the voting booth, and a democracy within our republic. we want to make sure we are exercising our right to vote. that is our arm. that was frustrating. but the most frustrating part of this has been the accusation that i and others, upon responding to false accusations for being involves in murder, we have interjected ourselves into the story. sean, let me share with your viewers a little secret about how the mainstream media actually works. it was just a couple hours after the shooting took place that we started getting calls, todd on his cellphone and i getting calls from reporters, network reporters saying, sarah, can you comment on this? governor palin, we need a comment on what you think about what's going on in arizona. it wasn't time to respond because we didn't have all the information, we didn't have all the evidence.
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so in not responding until it was an appropriate time, until a memorial mass had taken place and until the families had opportunity to speak and until evidence was presented, that i believe proved that tea party americans and innocent people that had nothing to do with the shooting should be falsely accused when finally of information was gathered, sean. and then, after those days i spoke, i was being accused by the same networks and network reporters of interjecting myself into the story. and if you read back my statement of defense, it wasn't self-defense, it was defending those who are innocent, talk show hosts, talk show listners, those who have nothing to do with the crazed, evil gunman who killed innocent people. >> the same media you are talking about, governor, i have quotes here from nbc, from abc, from cnn, from national journal and the anchorage daily news and
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can go on and on. they are saying something to the effect of palin in the crosshairs. the same thing critical of you, they use this terminology repeatedly again and again and again. do you receive, governor, a lot of death threats? >> receive a lot of death threats? my children do. that's the worst part of it, as you can imagine. >> let me go through some of these things you picked up and some were controversial at the time and get you to respond to them. one was at a concert in 2008 and sarah palin just get off my sheet. she will not go to d.c. she'll get off my street. i'll kick her ass if she doesn't get off my street. and sandra talked about if sarah palin shows newspaper new york city she's going to be gang raped by my big black brothers. and there's a cartoon with an
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acronym and you with your glasses coming off. mother i would like to punch and bumper sticker that reads abort sarah palin. you know, and i:go on for the better part of the show. becausebecause a lot of this, ae president talked about civil discourse. i don't think a lot of people on the left have been very civil towards you over the years. and i really don't hear you complaining about it a lot. why do you think they are trying to complain about you and this one map and reload and other comments made? >> the hypocrisy is so glaring. if reminds me those on the left, if it weren't for their double standards, they will have no standards. so there's not time to address their hypocrisy. we had a paid cnn host who announced to the world that her new's resolution was to bring
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down my daughter. i didn't think that was the real hip thing to do. sean, here's where i am personally on this. knowing the anchor holds. and timothy 2: 1 in the bible said god gave us the spirit of sound mind. i hold on to that and know i don't have to be afraid no matter what happens. i don't have to be afraid. but when we talk about the need for civil discourse and for the condemnation of violence that i believe we all should be believers in, then, yeah, when i hear those things coming from i assume it is the left, then i know that perhaps they aren't quite listening to, yes, what it is that the president just spoke of the other day. >> governor, what did you think of the president's speech the other night? >> well, i thought that there were parts of it that really hit home, that all of us can hold on
12:20 am
to and can -- and can live out obviously. i agree with those who have said that the setting was a bit bizarre, it was kind of like a pep rally, kind of like a campaign stop and that was unfortunate because that really did, the setting, distract away from the message, and the message is, as i preface my comments with today, the number one thing to remember here is lives were lost, people were injured by a crazed gunman that i and you and others had nothing to do with influencing him. hehe is the sole person, i believe, to blame in this. and i thought that the president hit on some of that, and that was appreciated. >> all right. we are going to have more, including other allegations against governor palin. we will give her a chance to respond. and plus tonight in a cable exclusive, michael reagan comes forward to dispute his brothers shocking claim that he believes
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>> we are back with our exclusive sit down interview with gov. sarah palin. gov. palin, when you finally released your video, not
12:25 am
surprising, for controversy involving you i want to give you a chance to respond to this. one was the timing ever the release of the video, which i believe was the day before the memorial. and the second one was the term, and especially hours within it unfolding, the hatred and violence they purport to condemn, that's reprehensible. and some said you didn't know the historical significance, others criticize you for that phrase. i want you to address the timing and that phrase. >> i don't know how the heck they would know if i did or didn't know if i knew the term " blood libel." no one asked me." it means being falsely accused of having blood on your hands and in this case that's exactly what was going on. historical knowledge people have of the term "blood libel" it goes back to the jewish who were falsely accused back in the
12:26 am
immediate evil times of using the blood of children. you know, the criticism of even the timing of this statement is being used as another diversion because i believe there are many critics on the left who don't want, for instance, congress to buckle down, get back to work. there's this trifecta thing going on in our country that's going to bring america to her knees if congress doesn't address the issues at hand, that being the growing debt, the domestic crisis if we don't develop natural resources and national security policies of that been enacted like the signing and the enactment of a treaty. and there are misinterpretations of what the preamble means. we have those things going on that have to be addressed and congress has to get back to work. it's much easier, i believe, for
12:27 am
critics, and common sense conservative agenda to try to divert and distract from the issues at hand, those issues that must be addressed to the. >> what did you think of the criticism of those in the jewish community about the use of those terms? i know others came to your defense but what did you think about the critics? >> i think the critics, again, were using anything that they could gather out of that statement. you know, you can -- you can spin up anything out of anybody's statements that are released and use them against the person who is making the statement. but, no, i appreciated those who understood what it was that i meant, that a
12:28 am
i am not ready to make an announcement as to what my political future is going to be but not going to sit down, not going to shut up. i'm going to hopefully be able to help empower other who's believe that one of the thing that's makes america so exceptional is our right to free speech is, our right to vigorously, yet respectfully debate ideas and intentions in this country. i'm going to continue down that path. and to be a candidate for a
12:29 am
high office, then i will announce that at the appropriate time. but for now, you know i want to join other who's are sayin saying... no. peaceful about ideas that is what makes america exceptional. we won't allow that to be stifled by a tragic event that's happened in arizona. it was -- we can all -- we should all gather around, if you will in order to condemn violence but not to allow to it stifle debate in america. >> sean: governor almost from the second you're on the national stage you've been loved by many and you've been a lightning rod in the public arena. when moments like this happen do you find yourself saying to yourself maybe i'm going stay out of the big national debate? do you ever have moments of doubt? perhaps feeling that you'd like to not deal with this the
12:30 am
whole time? >> there are people who have seen greater hardships that i am. i am thankful for the opportunity to speak for many. i will continue to do so. and i'll take the darts and arrows because i know others have my back. i have their backs. >> sean: governor palin, thank you for being onboard. we'll be talking to you, i'm snur weeks and months ahead, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, "saturday night live" spoofs fox news, and little old me and greta and beck. and michael reagan publicly dismisses his half brother's controversial new claims about their late father that. and our great, great american panel coming up.
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12:35 am
these seemed like dollars wouldn't really require that, knowing what we know how about the nature you are of alzheimer's disease. we know decades ahead of the disease arriving symptoms are starting. >> his brother mike took offense to that. he wrote on twitter ron mix brother, was an embarrassment to his brother when he was alive and now he's an alley bears meant to his mother: welcome back to the show. michael good to see you. >> good to see you. >> ron, my brother warnings an embarrassment to my father when he was alive and today became an embarrassment to his mother? >> i really believe that. i was outraged. i will tell you why. there are people on the left who for years, bill mauer being one of them, saying ronald reagan
12:36 am
must have had alzheimer's when he was president of the states and tries to use that to disparage him. and ron writes a book that said here's what you need to prove your point when there's absolutely no evidence. if ron would have spent more time with the president, he would have known that presidents, before they make calls to anybody, have notes given to them by staff as you have notes given to you and i have notes given to me. and so you know who you are talking to and bullet points to talk about. it doesn't mean you have a disease it's so you are prepared. >> what is the motivation? is it to sell a book. >> i can't think of any other reason other than to sell a book because there's absolutely no. my book, "new reagan revolution," 23 pages in the back of the book to backup everything i say in the book. but where is the backup for what ron is saying? it's sad that this has come out
12:37 am
and this debate has start when had in fact my father accomplished so much in those last four years of his presidency. >> have you spoken to him about this? >> no, i have been on the road. i haven't spoke to him at all. i was shocked because i got off the plane and heard the statement and as absolutely shocked about it. >> when was the last time you have spoken to ron. >> probably after the reading of the will. >> and that was it? >> ah-ha. >> you guys don't have a good relationship. >> it wasn't that great before. it's a blended family and blended families don't always talk to each other. >> by the way -- >> by the way, he's also liberal. >> well, that doesn't mean you can't get along. i get along with beckel. >> that's true. >> you talked about conservative talk shows -- why are you laughing? do you realize i worked for years? i do this out of passion, not the money.
12:38 am
>> the point i was making in that section is the fact that conservatives always need to see -- they always need a loader to lead them. liberals are led by ideology. there hasn't been anybody in the party to stand up. so what do they do? they look at rush limbaugh and glen beck and sean hannity. the point is they are running to the bank. that's what they are doing. you need to find someone who is going to lead your movement. >> i got into it because -- >> you are not running for president, are you? >> no one would elect me. i don't have the skills your father. if i did, i might consider it. i think what you are saying here is your father was special. your father had an ability to communicate, look in that camera and connect with people. your father had the right vision for the country at the right time and he was one most successful presidents in american history. know i think a lot about your dad. >> what i do in the book is really, it's not what reagan would did, it's what he did when
12:39 am
he faced some of the same things we face today in america. he was a coalition builder. he didn't -- he didn't get caught up in single-issue politics. he said what's the big picture here, how do we win the game and let's win the game. but today when i go out and speak and talk about some, i'm taken to task about some conservative talk shows out there. and even when i talk about that ronald reagan may find it hard-pressed to get the nomination of his party if he were to run. >> you doubt it. >> wait a minute, you are thinking as president of the united states. >> i nearly beat the sitting president, gerald ford. >> well, the point i'm making is he raised taxes, no-fault divorce. so if he would to throw his hat into the ring, not ever being president, where would the fight come to dislodge him as a nominee? probable from the right. >> but really to stand up to the more liberal winning of the republican party, gerald ford was a pretty controversial thing
12:40 am
to do. all right. last -- >> and he was also the original tea party. >> when your dad was shot, i mean it's relevant in the sense that you had a guy that was a lunatic shooting at your father, and then what happened in tucson. >> yeah. like was my agent in marge that day and i went to mike afterwards and said how does somebody get through to shoot my dad with all the secret service people around him some he said, mike, we train 24 hours a day to protect your dad. one thing we can never do is protect him against the crazies. what happened in arizona was a crazy, just like what happened in washington d.c. with my father was a crazy. >> i love the book and a big fan of your dad. thanks for being here, i appreciate it. >> thanks you. >> and time to check in with the one and only greta van susteran. you have a yellow shirt so you have pink cards tonight? >> i have everything. i have every color. and every time anyone comes in
12:41 am
everyone says what do the colors mean and i said nothing, i just have different colors. tonight we have the latestest on congress giffords' condition. and plus the late nest the healthcare battle. here's the big thing f you missed part of your own interview, sean, you can see it here because we will replay some of your interview with gov safer pail. you can stick around and watch yourself. >> did you see us on saturday night live? >> in fact we are going to show that. we are going to show some of saturday night live making fun of us. >> i will beat you to that part but you will have your own take on it. coming up, our great, great, american panel coming up next. o really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?
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>> tonight on our great, great
12:46 am
american panel he's a democratic strategist who has worked with new york senator chuck shumer. miss america 2008 is here. mr. haglund is back and he's the most successful college coach of all-time. well, i have to give you a little extra. >> but be honest. >> we have gov. palin on the program tonight. can you imagine 10,000, you google in news and put in sarah palin, tuesday shooting, and 10,000 references by the media. it's difference, i wonder if a lot of people would walk off the stage and say who needs this? this is what she said, she's not going away. >> i will continue to speak out. they are not going to shut me up, they aren't going to shut you up, or rush or mark levin or tea party patriots or those who respectfully and patriotically
12:47 am
petition their government for change. they can't make us sit down shut up and if they were ever to succeed in doing that, then our republic would be destroyed. >> she's right. i think a lot of this, coach; people on the left want to silence their critics. your reaction? >> i don't think there's any doubt about it but i think the difference between the two sides is, number one, we believe that life is a matter of choices. that individual chose to take a gun. he's the one responsible, not talk radio. but it's always somebody else's house. it starts my dog eight the homework, okay, i'll believe that. it's ridiculous. life is a matter of choices. >> i tried that, it didn't work. >> nobody on the left has been blaming her. nobody wants to see her go away. >> they immediately jumped to this, the sheriff jumped to this. >> she's doing it to herself. >> no, she's not. she's basically been accused of
12:48 am
being an accessory to murder. >> she has not been accused of being an accessory to murder. the whole narrative was dying down the night before she released her statement. if she was a stock right now she would need a bailout. she's done, she cannot be elected president of the united states. >> because she would be a great candidate for us. >> you are just dripping with hate. >> i don't hate her. i think what is incredible is they continue to blame this on people like you, people like sarah palin and rush limbaugh when there continues to be zero evidence that he was right or left. he was crazy. if you are going to start blaming people in the media, what about aside from politics, the culture of violence we created with movies and action films, they are sadistic. you can't silence everything.
12:49 am
>> kris makes the point exactly. it's always somebody else's front it's paul's fault that he said this, nonsense. >> she is still involved in the story. >> excuse me, excuse me. you know what in she can't win if she comes out early, she can't win if she comes out late. when robert f. kennedy jr. wrote that i was a merchant of hate in response to this, he said i'm creating the same atmosphere that killed his uncle, and it was an invalid marxist that killed his uncle, he ought to read history, but gov. palin responds. they were saying her map inspired people, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. if i accused you of rape or murder, you would want to respond. >> all people know the map had nothing to do with this incident. all reasonable people. i think it's more republicans that want to see her out of the
12:50 am
race because she would drag down the republican party. she would be the worst possible thing for the republican party in 2012. they would lose 45 seats in the house. >> i feel really, really bad for her and she had to respond. as she said in her interview he asked for her response so show has to and i think she's gone a grateful job of that. >> to accuse them of murder and democrats put upblows and i can't, i'm going to fight back. >> and you don't care what people talk or write. they talk about teflon. you have to believe at what you are doing. i agree with her completely. her cause is greater than just sarah palin. >> there's been no person in modern society that has been vilified more than her. she's a woman, and you ought to have condemned it much earlier -- >> i do not think that blaming her for this was warned. but that said, politically her response was wrong. >> more with our great, great american panel cinin >> woman: good night, gluttony--
12:51 am
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>> all right, that's me. no, it's not really. that's me on saturday night live and then we have gretta and beck. let's roll the tape. >> at overwhelming public outcry for an elevated level of discourse. we at fox made the decision to
12:55 am
put aside heated view points, may they are left or right or even center. join me is sean has been. hello, sean. >> hello, gretta. >> on monday republicans in the house will get back to their agenda and the first is repealing the healthcare law act. job killing? is this an example of the heated rhetoric we need to stay away from? >> yes, we should be gentler, gretta. perhaps job euthanizing? >> does that look like me? he had me foaming at the mouth by the end of that segment. >> i thought it was a great likeness of you. but people don't do that for inconsequential people.
12:56 am
>> that's the most in sear form of flattery and i would love it if that was me one day. that was great. >> well, they had carville. you get the louisiana accent. and miss nebraska, you were miss america in -- >> in 2008. i had lunch with theresa this afternoon. >> do you like her? >> she's a great girl. she's very young, 17 but she's a great communicate tore and that's what the job is about. >> she's slamming wikileaks as he ispy onager. i thought it was an interesting answer. >> everybody is talking about the wikileaks. how do we balance people's right to know with the need for government security. >> when it came to that situation it was actually based on espiona gulf of mexico e. >> we have to focus on security
12:57 am
first and then people's right to know. we can't let thing like that happen and they must be handled u"p% >> the whole world was watching. you did that? >> i did. and joy behar was on that panel. many girls who compete have conservative vow points them come from strong families and it's all about their education and it's not a fluff competition. i think she was mart -- smart. >> i disagree with her. number one, did they get it illegally? if they got it illegally, yes, then prosecute, if they got it from somebody else who stole it, then prosecute that person. but if they got it from somebody else who stole it, why hold them accountable? >> she answer it had clear and concise. it was very nice. keep going back to the theme of rhetoric. the president said if they bring a knife, i will bring a gun.
12:58 am
and when they said we will tear sean hannity up, i didn't take it as a threat. but one had an outburst taking to a tea party person at a rally this person saying you are dead. >> my neighbor is one of those people, i love that man. >> you're dead. >> and i want to see some perspective from the people on the floor before the national debate happens. something is going to have to happen with everybody. >> being evaluated, is that the right approach when you say "your dead" or are you getting too hypersensitive? >> i think we are getting too hypersensetism but nobody from the tea party pulled the gun or anybody else. it was that individual. i remember when president reagan got shot the guy claimed insanity and got away it. but nobody said it's a liberal.
12:59 am
our society has changed so much. it's always somebody else's fault. >> the guy who said this had just been shot." he had just been through one of the most traumatic experiences. >> he said, nothing to do with the shooting, "your dead." he's going through a difficult time. i was just shot and lived through a traumatic thing. >> do you think he was condition the to have that response? leading up to this, and without the shooting happening, the media has been trumping up the tea party and the conservative opposition to barack obama. and they have kind of been setting this up. it would be seem natural for him to respond that day but that's what sarah palin and others are trying to do, take no revenge. >> when i was 16 people said people will tell you to go fast driving. there's one steering wheel, one pedal, you control it, it's your decision. it's choices you


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